Dental Health Week 2019

Man and a child brushing teeth together

Happy Easter and tips to take care of your kids teeth

With Easter approaching we thought we would give everyone a friendly reminder of the importance of brushing children’s teeth. Not just to nag you (and because we are Dentists and it’s what we do) but for the following important reasons:

Good Habits for life – By building the habit early on of regular brushing with your children you are helping to create a positive habit that will help them through their life, from saving money in Dental bills to improving self-confidence.

Save Time, Money and Pain– if you regularly brush your teeth after every meal and floss as well as using mouth wash then you greatly reduce the risk of getting cavities in your teeth or needing

Improve self-confidence – Having beautiful teeth helps in having a dazzling smile. This in turn increases self confidence as people are often embarrassed by brown or missing teeth which result from holes or lack of brushing. When you regularly brush your teeth you also reduce the instance of gingivitis and bad breath.

We recommend helping children brush their teeth through the early years until they learn to brush correctly. We also recommend using the Government Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule to receive Bulk Billed children’s visits to our surgery if your kids are eligible.

We have a child friendly surgery that helps kids feel comfortable and create an enjoyable experience for the whole family. We use educational yet fun tools such as puppets, giant toothbrushes and colouring pages for young kids to learn best practices for oral healthcare. These help your young ones feel that visiting the dentist can be an enjoyable experience, and one that they will continue.

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